In October 2018, I joined the first ever Morgan Philips Group graduate scheme! After finishing Uni in June and travelling during the summer, I returned to Glasgow to start my life as a young professional. I had all the drive, enthusiasm, and transferrable skills a company could ask for; however, I lacked one key asset: experience! I filtered through dozens of opportunities with no luck. The positions that I was applying for required years of experience in a similar role, whereas the ones open to newbies were often zero-hour contracts or offered only commission-based earnings. I was losing hope, until I saw Morgan Philips Group advertising their graduate programme…

The application process

I did some initial research on the company and was instantly impressed by its global presence, professional presentation, and superior online reviews. I submitted my CV, desperately hoping it would survive the black abyss of the job portal so many of my previous applications had fallen victim to. I was delighted when I received a timely response: a request to submit a short video to “sell myself” as a candidate. After crafting a script, pinning up various cue-cards, and recording roughly a dozen takes, I managed to send a two minute video. Apparently, I sounded less awkward than I felt, because a few days later, I received an invitation to an assessment centre!

The interview process

Upon my nervous arrival at Morgan Philips Group’s Glasgow city centre office, I was warmly welcomed by reception and the directors running the interview process, which instantly put me at ease. During the three hour assessment centre, I met so many friendly and longstanding employees. The day was tough, but everyone from the company was so encouraging that no task felt too daunting. I left with a much clearer idea of what the role would entail and what the company culture was like. A second interview followed, where I met Managing Consultants from two teams. I was elated when I received a call from the head of the supply chain and procurement team offering me the job!

The training

I joined five other recent graduates for a full month of hands-on and bespoke training, which equipped us with everything we needed to know to excel in our new roles and become experts in our respective markets. Our training sessions were split across the Glasgow and Edinburgh offices and taught by numerous consultants and directors from across the business. It was an exceptional way to get to know different people and understand where their specialisms lay. The classroom sessions were interspersed with interactive activities and time getting to know our individual teams. The “people first” approach Morgan Philips Group professes came to life! Everyone was so supportive and eager to help us improve and develop. The training sessions proved the deeply innovative and global nature of the organisation, which allowed us grads to fully appreciate just how unique of a company we had joined.

2019 and Beyond…

I am proud and excited to start my year as a Supply Chain and Procurement Consultant at Fyte. I still have a lot to learn, but I am finding my footing in my market and confidently tackling the new challenges that arise daily. All the consultants in my team are tremendously knowledgeable and supportive, so I am able to learn from them first-hand. I have already had the pleasure to work with some fantastic candidates and remarkable clients. I cannot wait to see what my future with Morgan Philips Group will bring!

By Isabella Veglianti

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